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VSP® Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program

VSP® Individual Vision Plans Product Questions

Online and Phone Enrollment Questions

  • What is Instant Enrollment?

    Instant Enrollment allows your uninsured patients to enroll in an Individual Vision Plan (IP) by going online or by calling 855.926.8877.  The patient may receive services from your practice on the same business day if they choose the current month enrollment option.

  • Does my practice receive an advertising payment when a patient inquires over the phone?

    Yes. Your practice will receive an advertising payment when a patient calls to ask about a VSP individual Vision Plan and provides your practice’s name.

    The patient does not have to purchase a plan for you to receive the advertising payment; however, your practice must be enrolled in the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program to receive the payment via email.

  • Is Instant Enrollment available online?

    Starting May 26, 2020, Online Instant Enrollment is available. Patients can sign up for an Individual Vision Plan through your practice’s website IP ad or IP Facebook post and their vision coverage will go into effect immediately. Prior to this change, patients had to wait one business day before their coverage went into effect if they enrolled online.

  • How much do practices get paid for Instant Enrollment?

    Practices earn the same advertising payment whether a patient clicks on the practice's website ad and lands on the application page or calls and mentions the practice's name. Practices with Platinum and Gold status in the VSP Global® Premier Program earn $8 advertising payments. Practices with Silver status in the Premier Program and all other network practices earn $5.

  • When does the practice get paid for Instant Enrollments?

    Participating practices get paid monthly on the 15th with a Visa gift card via the email address they signed up with.