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You aren’t alone when you join the VSP® Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program. From training videos to social media tiles, we’ve got your practice covered with the resources you need to share VSP® Individual Vision Plans (IP) with your uninsured patients.

Online training

Take advantage of our eLearnings that will help your staff become more familiar with how to share IP plan information with your uninsured patients. The training can be shared with practice staff as many times as needed, even if it’s a multi-location practice.

Why VSP Individual Plans?

How to Get Started with the VSP Individual Plans Doctor Program.

How to place an Individual Vision Plans ad on your practice website or social media page.

Questions? Check out the most common IP FAQs.

Remember to direct patients to use your practice's link to or ask them to call 855.926.8877 for Instant Enrollment coverage.


Video for in-office and social use

Share our Individual Vision Plans video in your office or on your social media page.

Individual Vision Plans - $17 per Month Provider Video - no audio

Individual Vision Plans - $17 per Month Provider Video - with audio

Order Marketing Materials

Re-order Individual Vision Plan marketing materials (IP stands, business cards, or IP window clings) when you need them. To order, click on the image and you’ll be routed to the Supply Request form on VSPOnline at

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